The Breakfast Cafe


Today, I woke up hungry—well, I’m always hungry, which is why my late God-sister, Juquita, dubbed me: Hungary Black. I wanted something good, and recalled the digital flyer I saved about a month back, advertising the opening of the Breakfast Café. I immediately called one of my besties to see if she’s be interested in having lunch with me. She agreed, and about three hours later, we were eating at the Breakfast Café. I’ve recently became a pescatarian making it difficult, sometimes impossible for me to dine outside my home, however, the Breakfast Café’s menu, although limited, was accommodating to my dietary needs.

I enjoyed the catfish bites which were seasoned lightly and fried to perfection. I also had the succulent creamy grits and filling waffle. My date had chicken bites, with eggs and potatoes—she was also pleased.

“Would you come back,” she asked?

“Of course! I’ll be back to try the fried lobster tail and potatoes!” I exclaimed.

Beyond the vittles, the customer service was superb. The owner, Kim, and her employees were pleasant and attentive to us… we appreciated this immensely.

In conversation about the current menu, we learned that there will be an addition to the Breakfast Café family. The new location will be opening in the Avenue of Fashion! I’m elated, this will give my neighbors and I me more dining options, close to home. In the meantime, I will frequent the Redford location. I hope to see you there!

25505 Plymouth, Redford, MI 48239

Just a Bit of Soul Breakfast Cafe & Catering


Where The Drinks Come To You!: The Bar Cart

Today’s feature is a little different from norm; but it’s just as great as the rest! Usually, I’m sharing eateries for you to visit, along with palate pleasing vittles; today, however, I present The Bar Cart. That’s right, a mobile bar for your alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinking pleasures. Brandi, The Carts proprietor and tender, provides awesome service and tasty thirst quenching beverages that will keep you coming back for more. I, along with family and friends had the jubilation of experiencing mobile bar at my nephews showering of the baby, The Bar Cart did not disappoint, but far exceed our expectations. Especially with the Rock-a-Bye Baby Punch. I cannot tell you what the ingredients were, but I can tell you I went back for seconds and thirds. When I went back for my forth serving, the punch was gone, but Brandi made up for it with another taste bud pleaser that was just as fulfilling–I don’t know what was in this drink either. I just know it was GOOD! The Carts non-alcoholic drinks were a hit, too mom-to-be, along with a host of others, including myself. We enjoyed Brandi’s concoctions, minus the spirits. Speaking of spirits, Brandi’s was high (no pun intended). She was very personable and accommodating, which is number one for me when I’m patronizing any business. I will most definitely be inviting The Bar Cart to my future events. If you have a wedding, open house, birthday party or any soirée coming up, consider: The Bar Cart. Hurry! The Bar Cart is booking up fast! I promise, you, your guest and palettes will be delighted!

For Booking: 734-743-1564 or @thebarcart_


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Where To Eat AT Detroit & Abroad: Giovanni’s Ristorante

Giovanni’s! Giovanni’s! Giovanni’s!

No. I did not just finish watching  the 1988 film: Beetlejuice, but I am hoping that similar to the movie, if I say Giovanni’s three times, I will miraculously be whisked away to one of Southwest Detroit’s, best kept jewels.

Giovanni’s Ristorante, has been serving the people of Detroit and visitors since the late sixties. Fran and Randy, the mother and son dynamic duo, go over and beyond to keep the tradition of great food and good times alive.

I was fortunate enough to experience the Italian restaurant with great company and we all shared the same sentiment: Giovanni’s fare is  delectably delightful to the palate–from the appetizers, to the entrees, all the way to the desserts. Of course, we taste tested each other’s dishes.

When you visit Giovanni’s, be sure to have the Shrimp Giovanni. The appetizer is served a with risotto, that is ultra creamy and flavorful–you’ll definitely want a second helping, trust me. In true fashion of myself, I veered off of the beaten path. I ordered a  16 ounce ribeye that wasn’t on the menu. Let me tell you, I have no regrets. The steak was tender and cooked to perfection; the mashed potatoes and asparagus that accompanied the prime cut of meat, melted in my mouth like butter. My eyes were bigger than my stomach, so I had a second helping for lunch the following day and it taste just as wonderful as the first day.

The waitstaff at Giovanni’s was superb. My observation was that their employers must treat them well as they were very happy and pleasantly accommodating to my party of four.

As you can imagine, I wasn’t able to taste everything on the menu, but I plan to visit again soon. I must try the Alfredo. I hear nothing compares to the signature dish.

Going on an intimate date or planning a party, you won’t go wrong with Giovanni’s. They Take reservations and walk-ins alike. Valet parking is also available. Please note: Giovanni’s is closed, Sunday and Monday.

For more info, visit:

(313) 841-0122


330 S. Oakwood Blvd. Detroit, MI 48217

Where To Eat AT Detroit & Abroad, Wednesdays: Angelina Italian Bistro

Shrimp Risotto
Shrimp Risotto

Do you remember the Flaming Embers restaurant that was located on Woodward in Downtown Detroit? So do I! I want to share with you a restaurant that sits behind the old Flaming Embers. I sincerely apologize if I raised your hopes about a possible resurgence of Flaming Embers, but hopefully my review will make up for it and move you to try something new.

For the past two years, it has been custom for my husband and I, along with his aunt and cousins, to get together and have dinner together once a month. We were not disappointed in our choice of Angelina Italian Bistro.  In fact, each of us gave the bistro an 8 or higher, out of 10 rating. Personally, I give Angelina a 9.5 for the overall experience. I would’ve given it a solid 10, but for the few menu choices.

The restaurant was clean and welcoming. The staff, including the valet, host and servers was personable, knowledgeable about the food, as well accommodating—all important in my book as a foodie and patron.

To start I had a Limoncello Martini, although they have a large wine list to select from. The cocktail was nice and sweet; with a little kick. You cannot have a social dinner and not have appetizers, if they are available. On this dinning tour,we tried the fried risotto–delicious! We had the salmon cakes–we all agreed were different and probably would not order in the future. The calamari was just okay. Our entrées, however,more than made up for any pre-dinning discrepancies. I had the magnificent shrimp risotto! It melted in my mouth almost before I could savor it, it was so tasty. Seasoned to perfection with a hint of spice, the tender shrimp and risotto were a perfect pair. I was highly pleased. So much so, my mouth is watering writing about it. I may have to pay Angelina a visit tonight. You coming?   Oh! The bistro offers cooking classes!


For Menu & Hours Visit:

 1565 Broadway St, Detroit, MI 48226



Where To Eat AT Detroit & Abroad, Wednesdays: Oak Tree Lounge 

When the food is good, they will come. In this case, I went to the quaint Oak Tree Lounge, in Jackson, Michigan, for the second time, in one week. Specifically for their addictive: Famous Salad, topped with grilled Cajun steak–cooked medium. The salad is always fresh and includes crispy romaine lettuce, cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, multi-colored peppers, and a boiled egg; I pair my salad with the house tomato basil dressing. You can have the dressing of your choosing. You also have the option of including, chicken and shrimp to the salad. It comes with Texas Toast, but I never eat the toast. The salad is adequately filling for me, and OMG! This salad is Attorney Carl Collins–GOOD!

Enough about the salad, I’m come to you today, to tell you about this amazingly wonderful couture alcoholic beverage, dreamed up by waitress–Amy! While I was chomping on my salad, I heard her giving the cook a directive to make a mini burger on Texas Toast. I thought to myself, big deal, you’re making a slider. What I didn’t know was that Amy was introducing her signature: Mighty Bloody Mary cocktail, to the patrons of the restaurant.

For $15 you will get you fizzled and full, simultaneously! Donning Oak Tree’s mini burger deluxe, along with a slice of bacon, a celery stick, pickle, an onion ring, a steak bite , lemon and lime wedges and don’t forget–the green olive, explains how Amy came up with the name for the Mighty Bloody Mary. Although I did not have to pleasure of relishing in the beautifully crafted treat (I was on my lunch break), I fully intend to go back for an after work affair with the Mighty Bloody Mary. Feel free to join us!

For Oak Tree’s Full Menu Visit:

For More Info Or To Visit:


617 Oak St

Jackson, MI 49201