Detroit Blues Cafe

A big jewel, in the big city! I visited Detroit Blues Cafe in celebration of my sister-friend’s born day.  The night club deserves praise for simultaneously providing a spacious venue for people to listen to great blues, all while dinning on delectable food. This is NOT your average bar food. For an appetizer we enjoyed fried pickle spears, seasoned just right and the perfect prelude to their succulent salmon filet, cut into bite-sized cubes, breaded and fried. We all know that good food alone is not what makes the experience great. The ambiance was inviting. The music was toe-tapping, hand-clapping, head-bopping good! There were two bands; both equally entertaining. The friendly staff and secure premises added to the awesome night. My only complaint, NO ingredients for a Mojito! But my alternate choice of rum and papaya juice was more than sufficient. I will go back. In fact, I plan to take my mother next week. Whether you will be visiting Detroit or you just don’t get out much, Detroit Blues is where you want to be; join us for listening and dancing fun.

For menu and hours, please visit Detroit Blues Cafe at:


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