Lush Yummies Pie Company

Today, I present to you, the sinfully delicious: Lemon Butta Pie by Lush Yummies Pie Company. I wanted a slice of pie to snack on during rehearsals for Vagina Monologues, but they were sold out. I ended up with a whole $20 pie, for later (I don’t spare any expense when it comes to my taste-buds.). Dangerous! Would you know, I almost didn’t get to indulge in the pie at all. I forgot it at the rehearsal venue and one of my caste mates took it home for me. I had to drive through the snow two days latter to be reunited with my Lemon Butta Pie!                       

Lemon Butta Pie
Lemon Butta Pie


 I must admit, at first glance I was a bit puzzled by the appearance. The crust did not look like the traditional pie crust, but more like a cracker crumble–some of which, tops the pie, along with a sprinkle of confectioners’ sugar. Needless to say, my eyes didn’t know what they were talking about; my tongue is a far better judge as the taste is definitely one to write home about. No! make that one to share with the world! The buttered crust strikes an undeniable balance with the sweet pie filling. The texture is firm, but not jelly. The lemon taste, is perfection; not overpowering, but recognizable. I couldn’t resist having more than one piece in my first sitting. The pie would make the pickiest pastry chef proud and traditional bakers scream praises. In fact, Jenn, the owner of Lush, first learned how to make the pie by shopping for the ingredients with her grandfather and then watching him make the pies, as a girl. She put her own twist on the pie as a student at Le Cordon Bleu where she perfected her crust. For me, purchasing the the pie was a great segue into a new week. I compel you to get you some–of your own! I’m not sharing. Nope! It’s too good. 

To purchase your Lemon Butta Pie, Sweet Potato Pie and Custom Cakes, visit:

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