Where To Eat AT Detroit & Abroad, Wednesdays: Oak Tree Lounge 

When the food is good, they will come. In this case, I went to the quaint Oak Tree Lounge, in Jackson, Michigan, for the second time, in one week. Specifically for their addictive: Famous Salad, topped with grilled Cajun steak–cooked medium. The salad is always fresh and includes crispy romaine lettuce, cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, multi-colored peppers, and a boiled egg; I pair my salad with the house tomato basil dressing. You can have the dressing of your choosing. You also have the option of including, chicken and shrimp to the salad. It comes with Texas Toast, but I never eat the toast. The salad is adequately filling for me, and OMG! This salad is Attorney Carl Collins–GOOD!

Enough about the salad, I’m come to you today, to tell you about this amazingly wonderful couture alcoholic beverage, dreamed up by waitress–Amy! While I was chomping on my salad, I heard her giving the cook a directive to make a mini burger on Texas Toast. I thought to myself, big deal, you’re making a slider. What I didn’t know was that Amy was introducing her signature: Mighty Bloody Mary cocktail, to the patrons of the restaurant.

For $15 you will get you fizzled and full, simultaneously! Donning Oak Tree’s mini burger deluxe, along with a slice of bacon, a celery stick, pickle, an onion ring, a steak bite , lemon and lime wedges and don’t forget–the green olive, explains how Amy came up with the name for the Mighty Bloody Mary. Although I did not have to pleasure of relishing in the beautifully crafted treat (I was on my lunch break), I fully intend to go back for an after work affair with the Mighty Bloody Mary. Feel free to join us!

For Oak Tree’s Full Menu Visit: places.singleplatform.com

For More Info Or To Visit:


617 Oak St

Jackson, MI 49201

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