Where To Eat AT Detroit & Abroad, Wednesdays: Angelina Italian Bistro

Shrimp Risotto
Shrimp Risotto

Do you remember the Flaming Embers restaurant that was located on Woodward in Downtown Detroit? So do I! I want to share with you a restaurant that sits behind the old Flaming Embers. I sincerely apologize if I raised your hopes about a possible resurgence of Flaming Embers, but hopefully my review will make up for it and move you to try something new.

For the past two years, it has been custom for my husband and I, along with his aunt and cousins, to get together and have dinner together once a month. We were not disappointed in our choice of Angelina Italian Bistro.  In fact, each of us gave the bistro an 8 or higher, out of 10 rating. Personally, I give Angelina a 9.5 for the overall experience. I would’ve given it a solid 10, but for the few menu choices.

The restaurant was clean and welcoming. The staff, including the valet, host and servers was personable, knowledgeable about the food, as well accommodating—all important in my book as a foodie and patron.

To start I had a Limoncello Martini, although they have a large wine list to select from. The cocktail was nice and sweet; with a little kick. You cannot have a social dinner and not have appetizers, if they are available. On this dinning tour,we tried the fried risotto–delicious! We had the salmon cakes–we all agreed were different and probably would not order in the future. The calamari was just okay. Our entrées, however,more than made up for any pre-dinning discrepancies. I had the magnificent shrimp risotto! It melted in my mouth almost before I could savor it, it was so tasty. Seasoned to perfection with a hint of spice, the tender shrimp and risotto were a perfect pair. I was highly pleased. So much so, my mouth is watering writing about it. I may have to pay Angelina a visit tonight. You coming?   Oh! The bistro offers cooking classes!


For Menu & Hours Visit: http://www.angelinadetroit.com/

 1565 Broadway St, Detroit, MI 48226



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