The Breakfast Cafe


Today, I woke up hungry—well, I’m always hungry, which is why my late God-sister, Juquita, dubbed me: Hungary Black. I wanted something good, and recalled the digital flyer I saved about a month back, advertising the opening of the Breakfast Café. I immediately called one of my besties to see if she’s be interested in having lunch with me. She agreed, and about three hours later, we were eating at the Breakfast Café. I’ve recently became a pescatarian making it difficult, sometimes impossible for me to dine outside my home, however, the Breakfast Café’s menu, although limited, was accommodating to my dietary needs.

I enjoyed the catfish bites which were seasoned lightly and fried to perfection. I also had the succulent creamy grits and filling waffle. My date had chicken bites, with eggs and potatoes—she was also pleased.

“Would you come back,” she asked?

“Of course! I’ll be back to try the fried lobster tail and potatoes!” I exclaimed.

Beyond the vittles, the customer service was superb. The owner, Kim, and her employees were pleasant and attentive to us… we appreciated this immensely.

In conversation about the current menu, we learned that there will be an addition to the Breakfast Café family. The new location will be opening in the Avenue of Fashion! I’m elated, this will give my neighbors and I me more dining options, close to home. In the meantime, I will frequent the Redford location. I hope to see you there!

25505 Plymouth, Redford, MI 48239

Just a Bit of Soul Breakfast Cafe & Catering